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Lightsaber Duel app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 7280 ratings )
Games Entertainment Action Simulation
Developer: George Dumitrascu
Current version: 1.0.4, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 30 Jun 2015
App size: 69.67 Mb

The most powerful weapon in the universe can now be in your pocket! Download Lightsaber Duel and dominate your friends, enemies, even you grandmother.

Turn up your sound and shake the phone as if simulating a saber fight.

*** Ability to record your own custom sounds and use them as saber sounds ***
*** Multiplayer Duel via bluetooth or online ***
- Beautiful Custom Hilts
- Bright Custom Saber Colors
- Force Powers
- Lightning Power

Get downloading and become the ultimate lightsaber duelist in the universe

WARNING: Hold your phone securely in your hand while using this app!

Pros and cons of Lightsaber Duel app for iPhone and iPad

Lightsaber Duel app good for

Ever wanted to duel your friends with a lightsaber? This app gives you that chance to do so in a realistic style!
I is fun and it teaches me light saber colors I can play it all day
Just got the Bluetooth to work and play it with my son. So far so good!
Im writing this just to get the blade but it is a good game over all
Such a cool game but you shouldnt have to pay for all the customizations
This game is the best light saber game ever. It has everything a Jedi would have & everything a light saber would have.

Some bad moments

The only reason Im writing this is for the dark saber Id say if you could give all light sabers to the public and get some in duels
I quite like this game, I would have rated it a 4/5 but the hilts were interesting so for that it got a 5/5 from me
Its fun to pretend your a Jedi or with but the only downfall is that you need to pay $2.99 to unlock duel via Bluetooth; other blade hilts and colors too. The colors dont really matter though since you start off with the regular blade colors. Otherwise, its a fun game
My 4 year old is pretty entertained by this. Not sure of the point but I get a kick out of seeing him enjoy it.
This is a great game but Im only writing this because I want more stuff
A lot of content is locked behind purchases and to get a black saber you need to write a review

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